The College Draft with Ross Tucker and Matt Waldman: Lessons Learned from Scouting Super Bowl LVI Players

On this week’s College Draft podcast with Ross Tucker, Matt Waldman shares worthwhile lessons about scouting gleaned from nine players on the rosters for Super Bowl LVI. 

On this week’s College Draft, Ross and I share lessons learned about scouting football players from nine players on Super Bowl LVI’s rosters:

  • Mecole Hardman: The value of a few exceptional traits, drafting for redundancy, and generating multiple quandaries for defenses.
  • Patrick Mahomes: The difference between bold and reckless quarterback play, passing mechanics in perspective, the chef vs. baker mentality of quarterback play and the risk management game that’s the draft, and evaluating for a player-organization fit.
  • Chris Jones: The importance of interviewing college staff, keeping scouts and general managers in their lane, and finding experts to determine what is problematic off-field behavior.
  • Juan Thornhill: Drafting to build on a scheme’s strength rather than address weakness and finding value from what some may consider a “positionless player.”
  • Deebo Samuel-Dante Pettis: When a specialist has more value than a jack of all trades.
  • Fred Warner: The benefits of college All-Star games and rewarding a player for what he can do rather than penalizing him for playing a role that’s exclusive to a college defense.
  • Dre Greenlaw: Honoring the place of luck in a process that will never become 100 percent science and the benefits of scouting for a strong character, which is different from strong morality.
  • George Kittle: Late bloomers and why teams are slow to adjust and the benefit of a team projecting a potential draft-day value.

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