Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room WR Antonio Gibson (Memphis): The Wide Receiver Perspective

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room looks at Memphis’s versatile offensive star, Antonio Gibson, a 2020 NFL Draft prospect who will lineup at running back the Senior Bowl, but Waldman appreciates his skills as a wide receiver. 

Dallas Cowboy running back Tony Pollard spent a lot of time in the slot for the Memphis Tigers. When he arrived in Mobile Alabama for the 2019 Senior Bowl, Pollard lined up in the backfield and showed his refinement at the position. Could we see the same with Pollard’s former teammate Antonio Gibson?

After watching Gibson set a school-record 398 yards from scrimmage against SMU this year, it’s possible. Unlike Pollard, Gibson is built more like a receiver and displays greater refinement as a route runner.

To me, Pollard was an athlete at the wide receiver position with good hands whereas he displayed the refined vision between the tackles as a runner. In the video below, we begin with Gibson demonstrating skill with one of the most difficult routes in the route tree and later, the ability to win in the middle of the field.

Although listed at running back, I won’t be shocked if Gibson gets worked out as a receiver by some NFL teams. And don’t overlook Gibson from the backfield because he’s a strong, shifty, and fast runner.

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