Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Thriving, Coping, and Surviving Football Writing with Mark Schofield

On this special edition of the RSP Cast, Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman share their thoughts and experiences about working in the business of analyzing football.

Last week, someone trolled Matthew Berry on Twitter and it rained somewhere on earth last week. It’s essentially this common to be trolled when you’re the most recognizable fantasy writer on the planet.

The troller told Berry that he had the talent to do Berry’s job but it’s harder to make it in the industry today because it’s more saturated with writers than ever before and that making connections has now become more difficult. Berry argued the point and this spawned separated debates around social media about the present ease-difficulty of becoming a football writer—fantasy or non-fantasy alike.

Mark and I took some time to share our stories and perspectives about what it takes to succeed as independent contractors in this space as well as my experience as a business owner of an annual draft publication.

  • Why Matt’s pursuit of his football passion for scouting talent was not a gift he wanted but why life events presented him the opportunity.
  • Why Matt vividly remembers sitting in an empty room of his house thinking about $700 earned in three years as the guy he turned down twice for promising work was on NBC Sunday Night Football–and why it tested his resolve but he ultimately made the best decision.
  • Why Mark made his switch
  • Advice for individuals based on age, current career development, and life commitments.
  • Prices many aspiring analysts don’t understand are likely part of the deal:
    • Downsizing your lifestyle.
    • Changing expectations about having a normal life.
    • Health safeguards.
    • Having clear expectations about how your choice impacts those around you.
    • Perceptions of those close to you.
    • The time it may take to earn meaningful income–and what meaningful income may look like.
  • Why “pursuing your passion” is possible but often misguided and tips for knowing the best choice.
  • Coping with a competitive working environment and what discourages and encourages us.
  • Being authentic in this space and having a realistic expectation about what means for your career outlook.

Obviously, this episode isn’t for everyone. However, if you’ve been interested in what it’s like from the perspective of Mark and Matt, who have written at dozens of outlets, launched their own publications, and have worked in various industries, you’ll find this show worthwhile.

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