Ross Tucker’s The College Draft Podcast with Matt Waldman: Clemson-LSU Preview

Matt Waldman and Ross Tucker discuss the key personnel and schematic matchups for the National Championship game between Clemson and LSU. 

On this week’s College Draft, I took a different approach to our weekly podcast, breaking down the key players and matchups that should make watching the National Championship game a richer experience.

  • The marquee matchups between Clemson’s cornerbacks and LSU’s receivers and why Clemson’s Darian Kendrick is the most likely to get picked on and why Joe Burrow will have no fear attacking the boundaries if the opportunity is right.
  • Although the perimeter matchups are exciting, LSU’s offense runs through the slot. I explain how they try to create winning matchups and how Justin Jefferson, Terrace Marshall, and Thad Moss will severely test Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons, Nolan Turner, and Tanner Muse.
  • I also point out a defensive look from Clemson that could generate big plays for LSU.
  • Clemson’s receivers and LSU’s secondary is just as great a matchup. I share why Armani Rogers is poised for a big game and where Trevor Lawrence will try to target him against Patrick Queen, Jordan Phillips, and Grant Delpit.
  • Speaking of Lawrence, I share three plays where Clemson will create run-pass binds thanks to the Clemson quarterback’s dynamic ability as a runner as well as the improvements we’ve seen from Travis Etienne. If LSU doesn’t stop these plays or generate big plays to counter them, Clemson will have an advantage.

Last, I want to thanks @murphbaldwin on Twitter, who runs the YouTube Channel Top Billin’. A fellow Atlanta kid, Baldwins’ breakdowns of the offensive and defensive units of these teams was a source of my analysis coupled with my own film study of these individuals for the past 2-3 years. His work is well worth a follow, it’s great to trust someone’s eye to point out the schematic underpinnings in a fraction of the time I would otherwise take when my priority is specifically the players’ individual skills.

Listen now.

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