Mark Schofield’s RSP Interception Project: LSU QB Joe Burrow


Mark Schofield’s RSP Interception Project kicks off with a look at Joe Burrow’s 2019 interceptions and what we can learn about Burrow from them. 

Interceptions can inform.

A few years ago at Inside the Pylon I embarked on a quest. A quest to break down all the interceptions thrown by the top quarterback prospects in the draft. The peak of that project was the 2018 draft, with Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen, among others.

The project took a bit of a hiatus last season, but I’m bringing it back here on the RSP for the 2020 draft class. We begin with the quarterback expected by most to be the first player off the board, LSU’s Joe Burrow.

Now before we dive in, I was often asked over the years why it makes sense to break down interceptions. Issues of small sample size, importance, defensive talent and the like were raised. But from where I sit, I think interceptions can also paint a picture of a prospect. Are there repeated mistakes? What can defenses do to confuse them and force errors? Do they learn as they progress over the season. Taking their interceptions in chronological order can often illuminate their development over the course of a season.

Or, as might be the case with Burrow and his six intereception, they might illustrate further evidence that the rise is real.

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