RSP’s Mark Schofield with Doug Farrar with a Ravens-Patriots Breakdown

RSP contributor Mark Schofield hosts a podcast conversation with football analyst and author Doug Farrar on the intricacies of the Ravens-Patriots showdown. 

As you might expect, the contributors to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio create football content for a number of media outlets. RSP contributor Mark Schofield writes for a number of sites, including Pats Pulpit of SB Nation, where he also hosts The Scho Show. This is yes, a New England Patriots podcast but the show is heavy on scheme and Xs and Os, and each week some very insightful guests join Mark to breakdown both what the Patriots have done in their previous game, as well as what they might face in their upcoming matchup.

Fans and analysts alike are salivating over the Sunday night matchup this week, with Bill Belichick and his defense squaring off against Lamar Jackson and the fascinating Baltimore Ravens offense. On the most recent episode of The Scho Show Mark begins the show by diving into some nerdy football talk, highlighting just how difficult Lamar Jackson and this Baltimore Ravens offense is to defend. From movement and eye angles to screwing with the reads for linebackers, this is a tough running game to attack. Oh, and there’s Lamar Jackson’s pure athletic ability – and his growth as a passer – to contend with.

Oh, and there is some more Tite discussion if you are into that sort of thing. Many analysts are expecting that the Patriots will run some of the Tite front, condensing the interior running lanes and forcing ball-carriers to the outside, where there is a help. This is something that teams like Iowa State are using to slow down offenses in the Big 12, and as Mark wrote this summer for Pats Pulpit, the Patriots have used this as well. Additionally, Mark revisits some of his most recent piece for Pats Pulpit on the Tite front, outlining how both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks used that defensive alignment against Jackson and the Ravens.

Then during “Quality Time” Doug Farrar joins the show. Doug was at the Baltimore game in Seattle and saw first-hand what Lamar can do as a quarterback. They discuss how Bill Belichick defended Colin Kaepernick in two different meetings, the idea of “spying the gap,” Lamar’s growth as a passer, how Belichick will probably have multiple plans of attack, why we might see Cover 3 Bail, and oh yeah, what to expect when the Patriots have the football.

This show is a fascinating listen if you – like most – are looking forward to this game on Sunday night. You can listen to the episode here. You can subscribe to the Pats Pulpit Podcast Network and make sure you catch every episode of The Scho Show. This podcast is available in the iTunes storeStitcherTuneInBluBrryPodcast Mirror and via RSS Feed.

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