Sigmund Bloom’s On the Couch with Matt Waldman

Footballguys Sigmund Bloom and Matt Waldman have a midseason conversation about the NFL and fantasy football On the Couch.

Sigmund Bloom and I do what we do in this football space with another episode of On the Couch:

  • Thoughts on Darrell Henderson
  • Defending Jared Goff and criticizing Sean McVay.
  • Projected performances that I missed this summer.
  • A projected performance that I hit on that differed from the norm.
  • Parsing out the Chiefs backfield.
  • Patrick Mahomes moving forward and the state of quarterback evaluation.
  • Why I remain hopeful for A.J. Brown and Dante Pettis this year.

Bloom and I probably need to do a longer format one of these days and write down a list of topics for both long and short answers. The hour goes by too fast for us.

Hope you enjoy it.  Listen now or watch…

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