The Quick Game Week 5 with Mark Schofield And Matt Waldman: An RSP Cast

Rookie Scouting Portfolio writer and quarterback analyst Mark Schofield joins Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast for the third installment of our new bi-weekly NFL and NFL Draft series called, “The Quick Game.”

One of the things I loved about working with Mark Schofield (Twitter @markschofield) before bringing him aboard the RSP was our rapport on podcasts and RSP Film Room. We didn’t maximize that potential last year so we’ve addressed it.

Our answer two weeks ago was The Quick Game, an RSP Cast series that we’ll do every other week during the season. Your initial response has been tremendous.

The rules and format are simple:

  • Mark and I will be generating questions for the show, often covering a variety of themes, including the NFL and college football seasons, player evaluation, and quarterbacking.
  • We’ll run through the list during the show and each of us has one minute to answer the question.
  • We each get three timeouts that give us three minutes to answer the question. We must invoke the timeouts before we answer the question.
  • If one of us goes over the allotted time, the other enforces the cut-off. We’re going to find inventive ways to do this as the season unfolds.

This week, we covered 20-25 NFL questions ahead of the Week 5 slate. We covered the Browns offense, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew, D.J. Chark, our favorite college quarterback prospect, various quarterback evaluation topics, ideal landing spots for A.J. Green post-Bengals, and even some video game conversation at the end.

I think you’re going to enjoy this format you haven’t listened already. We’d love to hear from you so please rate and review or send us feedback via channels you communicate with us.

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5 responses to “The Quick Game Week 5 with Mark Schofield And Matt Waldman: An RSP Cast”

  1. Have been enjoying the Quick Cast; concerning the video game Skyrim, is starting with the Elder Scrolls V advisable or should the games be played in order starting with the initial issue of the game?

  2. Hey Matt,

    Love the podcast. This is a great format!

    I know you have picked up more recently, but I would love to hear a more college prospect centric (or college football generally) version of this podcast. Also, I love to hear you talk process, but that may be too niche for most people.

    In regards to the cities of Skyrim, your favorite city is Raven Rock on Solthsiem — not Markarth. Solthsiem is expansion material. Personally, I would probably say Whiterun because of the main story and Companion quests being based out of there. Favorite place is atop Miridea’s Beacon or inside the Forgotten Vale.

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