Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.245 WR Rondale Moore (Purdue) Special Movement

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the special movement that Purdue receiver and future NFL Draft prospect Rondale Moore exhibits as a runner.

Strong, fast, quick, and skilled, Rondale Moore is a marvel for all of these reasons. What I find immediately special about his game is his movement. A wide receiver, Moore moves like some of the great running backs of the college and NFL game. The spectrum of backs to which I’m referring is a seemingly odd assortment—Marshawn Lynch, Darren Sproles, and Barry Sanders—but they share common characteristics.

All three possess the stamina to exhaust opponents on a single play. Sanders and Lynch lacked great top-end speed but they shared the stamina to maintain a high enough rate of speed through contact and multiple moves to outrun defenders for the length and width of the field. All three can stop on a dime and open their hips to change direction with minimal space required. And all three employed unconventional and dynamic footwork to create space and maintain balance.

There are a lot of plays I could have used to showcase Moore’s rare skill for movement, but this one against Nebraska shows hip mobility, unconventional footwork, and lower-body explosion and flexibility.

I can’t wait to study Moore in greater depth.

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