Mark Schofield’s RSP NFL Lens QB Gardner Minshew (Jaguars): Confirming Coverage and the Cut Call

Rookie Scouting Portfolio contributor Mark Schofield breaks down a play from Gardner Minshew’s strong debut with the Jaguars last week.  

First RSP readers, a bit of a confession.

Gardner Minshew was perhaps my favorite quarterback to talk to at last year’s Senior Bowl.

I loved his personality, I love how he spoke about Mike Leach’s offense, and most of all I loved his approach to football. When he talked about how the Air Raid offense was great preparation for the NFL, because of all the full-field reads built into the system, I swooned. When he went on to say that working in the Air Raid was better preparation for the NFL than the “college pro-style offenses” — complete with air quotes — I nearly fainted.

The NFL landscape as a whole is getting a glimpse of Minshew this week. After being pressed into action when Nick Foles went down with an injury, Minshew stepped into the lineup and performed very well for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In this video we’ll break down just one play of his from his debut, and work through all the elements that go into making just one read on a given play:

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  1. Fantastic video! Thanks for helping us casual fans understand more about the game!

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