Matt Waldman’s Top 10 At Footballguys (Free Preview)

Matt Waldman’s weekly Footballguys article covering the NFL is available for free this week. 

Most of you know I am a Senior Staff Writer at I’ve been with the site since 2009 and I love working there. One of my favorite parts of writing for one of the oldest and best sites of its kind is the opportunity to study the NFL game.

I spend most of my weeks from June of one year through March of the next studying college prospects for the annual Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication. I base the RSP’s defined criteria for techniques, concepts, and athletic ability on what I study in the NFL.

While the 30 hours of watching 10-14 games, making videos, and taking notes feel like hugging waves in the ocean, I love watching pro football and staying current with how the best approach the game.

At the end of each session, I deliver my Top 10 at Footballguys—fantasy football insights rooted in the visual and numerical data of the game. This week, the Top 10 is free to the general public. All you need to do is click here and when you reach the roadblock in the article, enter your email address to subscribe at no charge to’s daily email—an excellent source of information that you’ll enjoy even if you don’t ultimately subscribe to the site.

For those of you who are already Footballguys and RSP subscribers, thank you on behalf of myself and my co-workers. We love what we do and glad you support the work. For the few of you who learned about me through the RSP, give the Top 10 a read and learn more about the site.


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