Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.239 RB Cam Akers (FSU) Incomplete Masterpiece

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines two plays from FSU RB Cam Akers, an exciting 2020 NFL Draft prospect whose game tantalizes but is an incomplete masterpiece. 

A tackle-breaking, pass-receiving, safety-beating, nose tackle-blocking running back built for a real workload, Cam Akers tantalizes fans and scouts with his talents while being an incomplete masterpiece. NFL running backs are scheme-versatile and it’s clear that Akers has work to do as a zone runner.

Right now, Akers feet cannot consistently process what he sees. He hasn’t worked enough on mastering the various combinations of footwork that lead to efficient use of space.

Akers is still leaning too much on raw athletic ability to avoid defenders and access secondary creases. This is not a career-killing flaw, but the sooner Akers masters the multiple choice of pressing creases, bounces, and cutbacks, the more difficult a time coaches will have of keeping him off the field.

And when he’s on the field, he can stay on the field on passing downs. Although Boise State’s nose tackle won’t be mistaken for the behemoths seen in the SEC and NFL, Akers’ block to lead off this week’s Boiler Room is a gorgeous display of skill.

If Akers refines his game, he has elite potential.

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