Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.238 RB Zack Moss (Utah) A Tip For Etienne And Extreme Flexibility

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room compares the approaches of 2020 NFL Draft prospects Zack Moss and Travis Etienne with setting up blocks on outside runs as well as showcases Moss’ flexibility after contact.

Zack Moss and Travis Etienne will never be mistaken for the other if you know anything about their games. Still, there are some points of intersection that make them compelling NFL prospects.  A rugged back, Utah’s Moss is a finisher with enough acceleration to work outside. Clemson’s Etienne is a burner who, like Moss, can bounce off hard contact and finish strong with proper pad level.

Both run well on plays designed to go inside. However, where Etienne is flashier and more explosive, Moss is a wiser runner who his more consistent at setting up blocks and possesses excellent flexibility not seen from many backs.

This week’s Boiler Room examines three plays:

  1. A revisit of Etienne’s impatient approach of a counter-play against Georgia Tech.
  2. A look at Moss pressing inside to lure a cornerback downhill so Moss could bounce further outside.
  3. An illustration of Moss’ extreme flexibility to overcome a difficult hit from an indirect angle on his knee (photo above).

Moss won’t make NFL owners and general managers drool like Etienne, but coaches and teammates will like that he maximizes the play design and keeps the offense on schedule.

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