Matt Waldman’s Top 10 Dress Rehearsal Article At Footballguys (Free)

Matt Waldman’s Footballguys Top 10 is one of the most popular in-season pieces of content at Footballguys and this week’s article covering the NFL’s dress rehearsal is free.   

Sometimes I get emails from readers that behave as if they’ve discovered I live a double life and I’ve been hiding it from them. Even after 18 years of writing about football, there are new readers or listeners who had no idea that I make my living as an independent football scout and I’m a senior staff writer at—one of the oldest at best fantasy football wide sites around.

It sounds crazy and while it’s happening with less frequency than it did five years ago, I still occasionally get “I had no idea” email.

One of the things that I love about my gig at Footballguys is the opportunity to write about the NFL season as it unfolds. I watch most of the week’s games like they’re a movie marathon between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon—taking notes and producing a few dozen clips of video commentary on Twitter—and by Monday evening, I post my insights from the week in my column, The Top 10.

This is the third season I’ve been writing this column and it’s a great exercise for me as a scout of college prospects because it’s difficult to project amateur talent to the pros if you’re not using professional-level criteria for those players. You have to study the differences between the two levels in order to understand what’s good enough for the college game is often not the case for the NFL.

It’s a long column, that gives a ton of “why’s” for each topic. However, this year I have also added a Straight, No Chaser bullet list of each topic for those of you who don’t care about the why and just want actionable information. Or, you want Cliff’s Notes now and read deeper later on.

If you’re not a Footballguys subscriber, you can read this piece for free if you provide your email. And trust me, the daily email list we have at Footballguys is put to great use. The news and information you’ll get from the daily email are fantastic.

So check out The Top 10, learn about the game while getting actionable insights for your fantasy league, and subscribe to

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