The Fantasy Film and Data Pod: A New RSP Cast

Here at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, our aim is to go deep. The RSP publication continues to grow in depth and breadth, with increased detail and clarity on more players every year thanks to the analysis of Mark Schofield, J Moyer, Dwain McFarland, and Matt Waldman.

Last year, the RSP Cast made its debut and provides our listeners a primer in the foundations of football processes, scouting, technique, strategy and more.

Today we’re unveiling a new pod in the RSP Cast family, The Fantasy Film Film And Data Pod.

Every two weeks, Dwain McFarland and J Moyer will go next-level on NFL topics specifically geared towards the fantasy football player. Moyer and McFarland will discuss observations from their film and data analysis, with the goal of providing the ‘why’ behind fantasy projection as the season evolves.

As is the case with each RSP medium, the Fantasy Film and Data Pod aims to provide foundational football understanding and tools to improve your craft of player evaluation.

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Thank you in advance for listening. We believe you will enjoy it.


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