Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.230: WR Antonio Gandy-Golden (Liberty) Transitions

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the transition game of Liberty wide receiver Antonio Gandy-Golden, a notable 2020 NFL Draft prospect with a promising game. 

Antonio Gandy-Golden will be on your radar in January, if not well before. Gandy-Golden is a sturdy 6’4″, 220-lb. option who makes plays against contact bounces off on-coming defenders as a ball carrier and wins the ball in the air with grace.

Big receivers with Gandy-Golden’s grace often try to play “small ball” after the catch. A symptom of “small ball” can be the act of squaring-up defenders in the open field and trying to make defenders miss. When the first move doesn’t work, they try a second, and if they somehow still haven’t been wrapped and dropped, they’ll lose more yardage in a vain attempt to make a third.

Big or little, receivers must transition downhill sooner. But if you’re a big guy, be decisive and use your size and length. This is exactly what Gandy-Golden does well.

Against Idaho State last year, Gandy-Golden didn’t earn impressive yards-after-catch data in the box score, but he made the most of his opportunities in situations where he could have easily lost yards and put his offense in a down-and-distance hole. Here are a few examples of where Gandy-Golden transitions from receiver to runner with efficiency and grace.

Do you know who also transitions well as a receiver? Tight end George Kittle, who broke the NFL’s single-season record in receiving yards. To see parallels between the efficiency of transitions of Kittle’s and Gandy-Golden’s game, click here.

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