Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.186: LB Shaq Quarterman (Miami)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room examines South Florida’s heat-seeking missile, LB Shaq Quarterman a 2020 NFL Draft prospect at the University of Miami.

Shaq Quarterman has acceleration, range, and the eyes of an NFL middle linebacker. Quarterman has the athletic ability to not only to sack quarterbacks off twists, close down passing lanes in his zones, or help out in the flats after the catch, but also cover 25 yards and run down a receiver in position to otherwise “house” a target.

You’ll see this unfold before your eyes in this week’s RSP Film Room with Quarterman and the Hurricanes facing LSU in the opener. I love Quarterman’s range, intensity, skill for the freelance play, and ability to work around traffic.

However, this comes at a cost because there’s a little too much all-or-nothing to Quarterman’s tactics at this point of his career. He will lose gap discipline on plays where he shouldn’t freelance. He’ll also reach gaps too early and overrun his position and get taken out by linemen reaching the second level.

When he can’t swipe or arm-over an opponent, he gets mauled and a lot of this has to do with Quarterman being the young bull that wants to run down the hill rather than the older bull that walks down and still gets what he wants.

I’m looking forward to seeing Quarterman’s development. If he shows better hand usage and position to gain leverage on linemen while balancing his freelancing with more appropriate gap discipline, he has the goods to join a long line of great linebacker prospects to play at the U.

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  1. I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now of yours ……..but if your gonna include Defense players on your next RSP wow I’m really intrigued

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