Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: RB Alexander Mattison’s (Minnesota) Processing And Execution

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens shares two examples of Alexander Mattison’s processing and execution—one at Boise State and the other with the Vikings, courtesy of RSP contributor J. Moyer.

What’s wrong with size and speed when evaluating the potential of an NFL back? Nothing. Unless that back isn’t a strong processor of information and lacks a well-stocked tool belt of solutions.

Athletic ability is the raw material for football players. The refined product is a player’s ability to use multiple layers of raw and refined materials to generate solutions:

  • Physical (athletic ability)
  • Conceptual (understanding of the play design)
  • Visual (spotting important developments
  • Mental (wise decision-making)
  • Technical (footwork, pad level, pacing variations, etc.)

Combine these materials effectively and you have a player who is processing and executing productively on the field. This is what rookie running back Alexander Mattison does well.

As Moyer mentioned to me when he shared this video, “This shuffled step won’t get the wows of a Miles Sanders jump cut, bit it is far more effective.”

This is nothing new. Mattison has often displayed a strong link between the visual, conceptual, technical, mental, and physical aspects of football.

When you see a rookie processing and executing with the same quickness and effectiveness that he showed as a collegian, it’s another incremental step in the direction of future playing time.

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