Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.88: Carolina Panthers 2019 Offensive Projection Series with Dwain McFarland

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast continues its 2019 Team Projection Series with Dwain McFarland with a deep dive into the individual and team performance of the Carolina Panthers offense.

Dwain McFarland returns to the show for an excellent conversation about projecting the Panthers offense:

  • Why last year’s offense was in some ways a happy accident.
  • Are we getting ‘old’ Cam Newton or ‘new’ Cam Newton this year?
  • Why the version of Newton that the Panthers will have will depend on the development of Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore.
  • What do Samuel and Moore each need to address in order to advance their games?
  • Is Greg Olsen back? Is he old? Is the answer ‘both’?
  • If Christian McCaffrey loses some touches (not many), who is the back most likely to take them?

As mentioned in previous podcasts, I highly recommend reading McFarland’s new piece at the RSP site on How to Project NFL Offenses. If you’re a fantasy player, NFL beat writer, or football analyst, you should consider learning to do your own projections and Dwain has 20 years experience as well as success in high stakes fantasy leagues.

Even if you don’t have time to do projections and want pointers on how to select others, this article is a great resource. If you’re an RSP subscriber, you can also stay tuned for future RSP Newsletters where Dwain will be providing snapshots of individual player projections from his league-wide process.

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  1. been purchasing the RSP for several years and it has helped improve my understanding of football and given me great success in fantasy as well. this year, i have been listening to all of your pods,

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