Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: From Playbook to Playground with QB Drew Brees (Saints)

Matt Waldman’s RSP showcases a screen pass to former Saint running back Mark Ingram that’s the product of a late pre-snap adjustment and masterful gamesmanship by quarterback Drew Brees. 

If you play fantasy football or study the game a great deal, you’ve probably a lot of time contemplating potential team builds in your head. Which players would be at the top of your list? Who would not want under any circumstances?

And, one of my favorite questions: Who is not at the top of your lists at each position but if that player was assigned to your team like a number for the line at the DMV, you’d simply smile and thank them while feeling like you still made off better than expected?

When health hasn’t been an issue, my running back who answers that question is Devonta Freeman.

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Freeman is smart, technically-sound, versatile, and both mentally and physically tough. If I knew I could get one year of his best work, he’d set the foundation for a successful offense.

Drew Brees is the answer to this question at quarterback. In fact, I might feel like I robbed anyone who assigned Brees to my team despite there being greater demand for the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, or Andrew Luck.

Give me Brees because he works like the power company might come to his home any day and shut off the juice if he doesn’t earn his money. He’s also fearless in a tight pocket and delivers the ball with the anticipation of Nostradamus and the accuracy of Robin Hood.

And he’s a con man who can play games with you with short notice. Watch Brees make the pre-snap adjustment to the man coverage on this play and bait the defense into thinking Mark Ingram is accounting for the blitz.

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We want quarterbacks who understand all the rules and techniques so they can limit mistakes and play efficient football. However, at the top tier of playing efficient football is knowing when to break the rules or find creative solutions that seem more “playground” than “playbook.”

Few quarterbacks display the perspective, wisdom, and wherewithal to transition from playbook to playground as well as Brees. It’s a valuable fringe benefit of what happens when you combine a talented professional with a strong scheme and allow them to work together long-term.

Talent. Scouting. Scheme. Development. Add it up and you can transition from plan to playground with ease.  It’s what all teams wish they could do.

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