Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.225: WR Jalen Reagor (TCU) Selling the Post

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room reveals the details behind NFL Draft prospect Jalen Reagor’s successful sales of the post on an out-route.

A well-run route reaches the target spot on-time, at the correct depth, and earns space from the coverage. Those are the basics I’d tell any beginner watching the game of football who is old enough to appreciate syllabus-like details.

I’d also give a more artful response: A good route makes the defender believe for a split-second that the receiver is running a different route than the defender anticipated. Getting this defender to suspend disbelief is the climactic point of any route.

Jalen Reagor’s speed-out against West Virginia in September of his sophomore season illustrates the exact point where Reagor gets the defender to suspend disbelief that the pattern will be a deep post. The defender leaves his back-pedal as soon as he sees one small move.

Watch below to find out what it is and why the rest of the details either set up this move or make the most of it after its execution.

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