Matt Waldman’s RSP Recommends: The Saturday2Sunday Seminar Series

Matt Caraccio hosts an excellent series starring a cavalcade of guests discussing the cutting edge of football topics. 

The Saturday2Sunday Podcast does quality work. If you’re not familiar with Matt Caraccio and Paul Perdichizzi, you’re missing the work of an excellent pair of analysts.  This week, Caraccio hosts what is becoming an annual series covering the latest in football—and not the daily soap opera of who is holding out in the NFL or the latest superlative list modeled after every high school social structure in America.

I’m talking about people who are working in the trenches of the game in the way it is being defined and redefined. If you’re seeking a better understanding of football—the ways high school, college, and professional tiers are all interconnected—this is the series for you.

Below is a list of the guests and topics. Click on the name, and the link will take you to a page where you can listen to each of these shows.

Dominic Orth: Matt is joined by researcher, scientist, and lecturer Dominic Orth(@DominicOrth). Dominic specializes in the fields of human movement, motor learning, and motor control. Dominic’s work can be found on Google Scholar using the link provided below. In this episode, we discuss many of the principles of Ecological Dynamics and how they frame the nature of the problems athletes face in sport.

Google Scholar – Dominic Orth:

Fergus Connolly: Dr. Connolly is a performance expert who has applied performance science with leading sports, military, and business teams. He has worked with professional teams in soccer (Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers), the NFL and college in football (San Francisco 49s and University of Michigan) and rugby (Welsh National Team). Dr. Connolly is the author of ‘Game Changer’ , ’59 Lessons’ and several online courses. You can find all of his work at

Ryan Hasenkamp: Senior Research Associate at the University of Nebraska’s Athletic Performance Lab (@HuskersNAPL ), Hasenkamp (@RHkamp), discusses the meaning of chaos and it’s application to our understanding of a player’s behavior on the field.

Cameron Josse: The Director of Sports Performance at DeFranco’s Gym Cameron Josse, he discusses the tactical, technical, physical and psychological components of the problems players face on the field of play.

Daniel Abrahams: Sport Psychologist, consultant, author, blogger & podcaster Daniel Abrahams (@DanAbrahams77) is a former pro-golfer and the author of multiple sport psychology books that include ‘Soccer Tough I & II’ , ‘Soccer Brain’ & ‘Golf Tough’.  Daniel is also of the host of the very successful sport psychology podcast called the ‘Sport Psych Show’ (@sportpsychshow). In this episode Daniel and I discuss how the psychology of athletes manifests itself on the field of play.

Ross Cooper: Ross is a Football Skill Acquisition Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. In this episode, we discuss how the principles of skill acquisition impact the development of American football players with an emphasis on “who” is skilled. What is the nature of authenticity of movement?

Shawn Myszka: Myszka (@MovementMiyagi) runs Movement Mastery. Shawn is a performance advisor for NFL players, a sports movement specialist, an educator & presenter. Shawn is also the author of the very popular website entitled Football Beyond The Stats: Breaking Down On-Field Movement of the Game’s Best. Shawn is also one of the founders of the movement skill education company called Emergence. In this episode, we discuss how the principles of skill acquisition provide a representative framework for understanding the nature of the problems players face within American football. We also discuss the implications of these understandings on coaching and evaluation.

Dub Maddox: Coach Maddox is the Co-Owner National Football Academies and the creator of the R4 System. He has authored several R4 books What is Open, Adapt or Die & From Headset to Helmet. Coach Maddox is the Head Coach for the Victory Christian Conquerors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6x State Champion and was recently selected in the Hudl Top 100 of Coaches as an innovator in advancements in football. In this episode, we discuss the nature of offensive football as a ‘space” game and the implications of this idea on coaching and evaluation.

Taylor Boggs: Taylor is a Coach at Offensive Line Performance (OLP). Taylor as played offensive line at both collegiate and NFL level. In this episode we discuss how the nature of the problems facing the offensive line athlete and it’s implications on coaching and evaluation.

Will Hewlett: Will is a Quarterback Coach at the renowned Quarterback Collective (@QB_Collective). In this episode, we discuss how the unique nature of the problems facing the Quarterback and it’s implications on coaching and evaluation.

Cody Alexander: Cody is currently the Secondary Coach at Midlothian HS (5A DII – TX) and author of the very successful website He is the author of two books on defending modern offenses, Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football (2017) and Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense (2018). Cody has an extensive collegiate and high school coaching background ranging from his days as a Defensive Graduate Assistant at Baylor University under former Arizona St. (2017) and Baylor (2011-16) Defensive Coordinator, Phil Bennett to more recently, being the Corners Coach at Lovejoy High School (5A) in Lucas, TX from 2015 to 2016. In this episode, we discuss the nature of the unique movement problems facing defenders within the game of American Football. In addition, we examine the implications of these principles on evaluation and coaching.


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