Footballguys Audible Podcast with Cecil Lammey and Matt Waldman

Cecil Lammey and Matt Waldman discuss the latest from the NFL and fantasy football including the likelihood of a minimal punishment for Tyreek Hill, Broncos wide receiver sleepers, Denver’s two-headed backfield, and Melvin Gordon’s contract. 

It’s important to remind new RSP readers that I am a senior staff writer at Footballguys and participate in one of the oldest and finest weekly fantasy football podcasts on the planet.  Cecil Lammey, Sigmund Bloom, Jene Bramel and myself comprise the team that is The Audible LIVE Thursday night show.

This week, Cecil and I held down the show while Bloom enjoys his wedding and honeymoon and Jene continues managing the fallout of what happens when the honeymoon and anniversaries are successful…little league practice.

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Episode highlights:

  • If Tyreek Hill even earns a suspension, it will likely be a small one. We discuss public reaction and some fantasy implications.
  • Who is the wide receiver on the Broncos that Matt Waldman is rolling in like a gangsta and picking for free in dynasty leagues?
  • Why is the answer to the Phillip Lindsay or Royce Freeman question “both”?
  • Where should Ronald Jones be drafted and what is Matt waiting to see for Jones’ value to change?
  • Why is the Melvin Gordon contract negotiation a difficult issue?
  • Will Duke Johnson be traded?

I drop a link to a podcast with Daniel Simpkins during the Tyreek Hill segment. Here’s where you can find it.

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