Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.67: Scouting, Agents, and Character with Bryan Perez

Bryan Perez (Bears Wire and With the First Pick) joins Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast for a great discussion about scouting, the role of agents, character evaluation, player fits, and the Bears offense. 

Bryan Perez offers a great perspective about the game that few football writers possess. A contributing writer at Bears Wire and With the First Pick, Perez is a practicing attorney and he has a strong understanding of the role of agents in the draft process. This week’s RSP Cast covers the gamut of topics related to talent scouting that make this conversation with Perez well worth your time:

  • The direction Chicago is taking with its offense.
  • Thoughts on the Bears’ scouting philosophy—both on- and off-field behavior.
  • An enlightening conversation about agents and their influence on the draft process.
  • Breakout players.
  • Strong and weak team fits for this rookie class.

One of the things I learned from Bryan after the show was how often (and not for the player’s long-term benefit) large agencies woo players with up-front money that’s really a loan against that player’s first product endorsement. This sounds great for a player in financial need, but if you’re a guard or safety and/or have a borderline draftable grade, the likelihood of earning such an endorsement deal is slim.

As a result, these players that take these loans are often beginning their careers in massive depth and with little shot of earning a deal that will pay off this loan. Because these agencies have no problem using their staff of legal representation to collect on these loans, these young players often place themselves in rotten, high-pressure situations as they begin their careers on a roster bubble.

Imagine trying to make a team as a seventh-round pick after taking a $100,000 loan and it dawns on you that virtually no player at your position has an endorsement deal.  Even if you make the team, you’re giving away huge chunks of your paychecks and if you get hurt or cut–your agency is coming hard to collect.

It’s another reason why there’s a lot more to player development than talent.

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