Stephanie Stradley’s Q&A on Texans and 2019 NFL Draft

RSP creator Matt Waldman participates in Steph Stradley’s Q&A roundtable with a variety of football analysts to discuss the Houston Texans 2019 NFL Draft needs. 

Here’s Stradley’s intro to this Q&A and a link to read it below:

For today’s Q&A, I asked NFL draft-focused people of varied perspectives what their Texans draft opinions were. Sometimes it can be easy to be locked into one particular view, and it is nice to get views from a diverse group of informed people who may either confirm or challenge your way of seeing things.

Last year’s Texans draft Q&A seemed to be pretty popular, so I brought it back. Please thank all the people who contributed during this busy time of the year for them. Some may be familiar to you, some should be. Enjoy.

Benjamin Albright — Ben (@AllbrightNFL) does sports talk on Orange and Blue 760 in Denver and owns on Twitter. He reports, he opines, he is an information broker. Like with most topics, there are the things that are officially reported, and then there are truths, falsehoods and everything in between that are whispered.

Jim Cobern  Jim (@Jimetrics) is a sports blogger/YouTube Channel host who writes about football with a focus on which analytics matter. You can find his channel under the name Common Man Football.

Ben Fennell  Ben (@BenFennell_NFL) has done a variety of NFL work including on the NFL Draft with @NFLNetwork and work for @TheAthletic. I’ve mentioned before Twitter is essential for sports if you follow the right people (and don’t follow negative attention people), and his timeline is football joy.

Brett Kollmann  Brett (@BrettKollmann) is the writer, producer, and editor of the YouTube show The Film Room. He focuses on players, schemes and interesting personnel matchups and teaches fans more about the game. He’s a contributor to Battle Red Blog, follows the Texans closely, and I enjoy the way he writes.

Evan Lazar  Evan (@ezlazar) is a Patriots beat reporter for  CLNS Media and host of the @PatsAll22 podcast and works on NFL draft in the offseason. You can find his Google Spreadsheet with his draft observations here. Over the years, even before Bill O’Brien became coach of the Texans, I noticed that the team seemed to value a lot of the same characteristics that the Patriots do.

Charles McDonald  Charles (@FourVerts) is a senior NFL news desk writer for SB Nation and co-host of Setting The Edge. Like many of the participants here, he is not afraid of having opinions and expressing them in entertaining ways.

Sam Monson  Sam (@PFF_Sam) is lead NFL analyst at Pro Football Focus (@PFF). PFF watches and grades every snap of every player in the FBS and NFL over a season, and so they have a unique perspective on production, particularly when it comes to college prospects. You can find an abundance of college and NFL draft content here.

Thor Nystrom – Thor (@thorku, a fabulous Twitter handle) is Rotoworld’s lead college football writer/NFL draft. His page with links for all his Rotoworld 2019 draft position deep dives is located here.

Patrick D. Starr – Pat (@PatDStat) covers the Houston Texans for State of the Texans and is the host of the SOTTexans Hour on SportsTalk 790 and the @SOTTexans Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. He’s a fun person to talk sports with, which in my mind is one of the highest compliments to give someone.

Stephanie Stradley – (@StephStradley) That is me and these are my questions. I’ve been writing about the Houston Texans and the NFL among other things since 2006. Relative to the collaborators on this, I have few fully formed opinions about the incoming draft class but do have thoughts about the Texans’ needs, trends, and building for now and the future. I will be providing some of my thought-bubble comments on some on other peoples’ views.

Matt Waldman – Matt  (@MattWaldman) is the author of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP), the most comprehensive analysis of offensive skill prospects available since 2006. The RSP draws from best practices for performance evaluation and delivers its analysis with a pre-draft and post-draft publication. Matt also runs the RSP Film Room, a YouTube channel featuring in-depth video breakdowns of rookie prospects, including guest-appearances by players, coaches, and media.

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