Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.57: 2019 Running Back Class Analysis

On this week’s RSP Cast, Rookie Scouting Portfolio creator Matt Waldman discusses 10 running backs from the 2019 NFL Draft class whose games beg the question: Is his game greater than the sum of his parts or less than? 

I finished the 2019 RSP running back chapter today. It was the most difficult RSP chapter that I’ve ever written. At first, I wondered if it was because I’ve moved twice in four months while doing the research. The quarterback chapter was work-intensive but not this difficult–so that wasn’t it.

What I’ve come to realize is that this running back class as a whole was the most difficult class I’ve ever evaluated. I’ve had difficult individual decisions that take time such as giving lower grades to players like Darren McFadden and Bishop Sankey when they were considered early-round feature backs.

This is different for several reasons. When you break down positions into the buckets that I do and define them in detail and grade by that detail, you begin to realize that a player’s game has such a wide range of parts that can be combined in different ways of expression.

Two players with the same grade can express that grade in vastly different ways. For instance, Justice Hill and Benny Snell have the same Depth of Talent Grade in the upcoming 2019 RSP. However, their games are vastly different.

This is why NFL teams filter their evaluation of players at a position to a much smaller number than independent scouts. Each individual team evaluates far fewer players than what I study for the RSP. I were part of a team or working for a team, I’d be looking at 12-15 backs and they’d all be of similar skill sets.

The other issue is the way this class of backs expresses their individual games. This class has a greater potential to be a minefield for NFL teams and fantasy players than any class I’ve ever studied.

Many of the backs receiving positive buzz have the oddest combinations of parts that can comprise an individual’s total game. Is their game greater than the sum of their parts or less than? This week, I discuss 10 running backs whose games merit that question.

Find out who they are.

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