Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.147: QB Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room delivers an in-depth examination of Buffalo’s Tyree Jackson, the most intriguing quarterback prospects in this 2019 NFL Draft class.

Let the qualifying statements fly:

The NFL is notoriously impatient, imprudent, and ineffectual with quarterback development…

The 2019 quarterback class has talent but the reputation of this crew hasn’t matched recent classes…

Quarterback is the most difficult position to evaluate…

As much as we like to discuss quarterback prospects as if we have a clue, most of us are the suckers in the room. Now that I’ve covered my contractual obligation to outline the rocky landscape of quarterback evaluation as an independent talent scout shares his work with the public, I believe Tyree Jackson could be one of the smarter long-term bets among these passers if some team doesn’t act with desperation during draft week.

This RSP Film Room goes in-depth with Jackson’s game, highlighting the Buffalo star’s skills and deficiencies:

  • Efficient and creative pocket movement.
  • Skillful transitions from evading pressure to attacking the secondary.
  • A big arm with excellent cultivation of trajectory in the deep game.
  • Touch in the red zone.
  • Burgeoning intelligence and skill with pass placement downfield.
  • Poor ball security.
  • A stance that gets too wide and inhibits accuracy.
  • Getting too invested in plays, especially in the red zone.
  • Immature game and situational management.

Despite the negatives that could derail Jackson’s opportunity to develop into a franchise starter, consider me a fan of his potential. If a team with a stable coaching staff and a flexible offensive mind can get a year to work with Jackson, he could be the best bargain at the position.

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