Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.202: QB Daniel Jones (Duke), Fast and Slow Processing

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room profiles examples of fast and slow processing from the pocket from Duke quarterback and 2019 NFL Draft prospect Daniel Jones.

I understand the buzz surrounding Daniel Jones. Big Draft covets tall quarterbacks and Jones is not only tall, but he also has a good feel for the pocket and skill to deliver the ball after navigating dangerous traffic. Add Manning Family quarterback coach David Cutcliffe to the equation and Big Draft and NFL upper management is easily intrigued.

I have a few more games to watch before I solidify my verdict on Jones but, his work serves as a good example for the value of a quarterback having a fast processor. Strong processing speed is vital for an NFL quarterback. It’s a combination of several qualities:

  • Intellectual and tactical knowledge of the offense and opposing defense.
  • Quick-capture of detailed visual information of the opponents on the field that leads to a refined response.
  • Athletic and technical facility to execute these refined responses accurately and productively.
  • Executing practice behaviors in rehearsed and unrehearsed combinations.
  • Confidence to execute the refined response as soon one identifies the visual information.

Combine these qualities and what you have is a player who processes information intuitively.

The two plays from Jones’ portfolio of work illustrate fast and slow processing. The first play illustrates that Jones doesn’t unnecessarily stick to task-oriented behavior when important visual information manifests itself earlier than expected. The second play reveals that Jones must continue to improve his identification of coverage position and/or develop greater confidence in his identification skills so he can react faster.

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