Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.142: RB Bruce Anderson (North Dakota State) with Michael Kist

Bleeding Green Nation writer and producer, Michael Kist joins Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room for an in-depth film study of NFL Draft prospect Bruce Anderson, the talented North Dakota State running back. 

The weekend before the Senior Bowl, I tweeted that there would a running back participating in the week of practices whose style of play reminded me of Thurman Thomas. That prospect is Bruce Anderson.

If not for an injury suffered early in Day Two of practices, Anderson would have been one of the headlining acts in Mobile. Anderson showcased his route-running prowess so well during the first two sessions that one of the safeties decided that the only way to stop Anderson was to charge the line of scrimmage and level the back with a hit just as the rep began.

In this week’s RSP Film Room, Michael Kist of Bleeding Green joins me for an in-depth look at this underrated runner who has the skill to become a productive contributor, if not a lead back, in the NFL. Kist and I each supplied 6-7 clips that we studied on our own and discussed them all during this episode.

Our collective evaluation produced these insights about Anderson’s game:

  • He can become an effective return specialist for an NFL team.
  • Ball security is a strength of his game.
  • Savvy route running and receiving back with vertical skills.
  • Maneuverability at the second level of the defense to change the axis of pursuit.
  • Technically promising pass protection that can become NFL-ready with tweaking.

The analysis begins at the 14:14 mark of the show after Michael and I exchange pleasantries and talk about Anderson and Michael’s thoughts on the Scouting Academy. At the end of the tape analysis, we discuss possible team fits for Anderson.

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