Mark Schofield’s RSP Scouting Lens: QB Kyler Murray (Oklahoma), Is He a Mold-Breaker?

Rookie Scouting Portfolio contributor Mark Schofield delivers his analysis of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and it comes down to one question: Is he the mold-breaker? 

This week, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner Kyler Murray announced that he was 100% committed to playing quarterback in the NFL.

Murray’s announcement comes in the wake of what some considered to be a near-disastrous appearance on The Dan Patrick Show during Super Bowl week when he seemed…less than committed to life in the NFL. So Murray’s pronouncement comes as a welcome surprise to those in the NFL community who consider him perhaps the best quarterback in this class.

Now comes the hard part: Evaluating Murray from a talent- and trait-based perspective. His athleticism, arm talent, and skill-set might fit well with where the league is headed but is Murray just a few years ahead of his time? Will NFL General Managers be willing to invest in an early pick on a quarterback who might measure in closer to Doug Flutie than Russell Wilson? Is he going to be the ultimate outlier? Of course, there is the baseball issue too. How confident are you, Mr. NFL GM, that Murray has given up on the baseball dream?

Murray faces lots of questions as he looks to the draft, but for me, there’s another question, and perhaps the ultimate one: Is he the mold-breaker? The type of quarterback that requires you to take your evaluation process — one that looks at process over results — and cast it aside?

Murray’s evaluation is likely going to be a difficult one, and it is because of how his playing style seems to break the mold. But it might take a GM willing to think outside the box to turn Murray into a top-flight NFL quarterback, so it might take a GM willing to answer this ultimate question in the affirmative for Murray to reach his stated goal of becoming a franchise quarterback.

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