Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.141: QB Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room features 2019 NFL Draft prospect Dwayne Haskins and draws from seven of the Ohio State quarterback’s games to illustrate why Haskins will likely be an early pick.

The 2019 quarterback class doesn’t carry the gravitas of its 2017-18 predecessors. Still, Dwayne Haskins has the talent to develop into an NFL starter despite concerns that are likely overwrought — including only one year as a collegiate starter, no work under center, and the perception that successful NFL quarterbacks can’t come from Urban Meyer’s system.

I’m not interested in those questions. Haskins exhibits on-field skills that make him a compelling prospect. This RSP Film Room session delivers nearly 50 minutes of analysis from seven games —TCU, Nebraska, Purdue, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Washington — and highlights thematic elements from Haskins’ portfolio that make him a top option among this year’s quarterbacks.

  • Skilled pocket movement and grit.
  • “Reset” accuracy.
  • Opposite hash and off-platform accuracy.
  • Manipulation of coverage.
  • An assertive middle-of-the-field thrower,
  • Pre-snap skills.
  • Diagnostic potential post-snap.
  • Platform flexibility as a thrower.

You’ll see why Haskins is not a product of Ohio State’s system as well as what he must learn to become a productive and consistent NFL quarterback. In terms of technique, Haskins’ most pressing issue is figuring out how to activate his lower body during his release. There’s potential for Haskins to generate more power with his hips and it could lessen occasional problems with velocity and distance on throws in the range of 30-55 yards.

Conceptually, Haskins could become consistently more dangerous if he trusts the initial information of his opponents’ post-snap coverage position. As with most young quarterbacks, trusting the information that the defense reveals during those first two steps of the drop is that dividing line that eventually distinguishes long-term starters from physically-capable backups or journeymen.

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