Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.52: 2019 Draft Narratives with Sigmund Bloom, staff writer Sigmund Bloom joins the RSP Cast for a conversation about 2019 NFL Draft narratives, thoughts on coaching and running back value.

The NFL Draft is always rich with storylines and it’s the narratives that emerge from the events prior to draft-day that make the event so compelling for football fans. It’s why you knew that sooner or later Sigmund Bloom would join me on the podcast.

Bloom has an excellent knack for framing the storyline of a player, a team, or the league as a whole. In this RSP Cast episode, Bloom and I stretch out to discuss some of the NFL’s current narratives, including those emerging during the draft season:

  • Which teams will go all-in on this quarterback class?
  • Was Saquon Barkley worth the first pick and what is the value of running backs in the league?
  • Why is D.K. Metcalf polarizing?
  • Players that Bloom is looking forward to watching.
  • Players that Waldman is looking forward to Bloom watching.
  • Coaching and analytics.
  • Coaching hires.
  • Overarching thoughts on each skill position group.

I’m sure this will be the first of a few podcasts that Bloom and I do over the course of the draft season. This one sets the baseline of what’s to come.

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