Mark Schofield’s RSP NFL Lens: QB Baker Mayfield (Browns) and Chaos

Mark Schofield’s RSP NFL Lens examines Baker Mayfield’s tendency to invite chaos and why it has been an occasional detriment to his game as a collegian and pro. 

The conundrum of comfort in chaos.

When I put that phrase together over two years ago writing about Baker Mayfield, I thought it encapsulated one of the aspects of studying him that I would wrestle with during his evaluation process. Then he returned to school for his senior season, which gave me the opportunity to revisit that trait of his.

Now that he is in the NFL, we can continue to watch this aspect of his game.

Quarterbacks need to thrive in chaos. During those moments when the play breaks down, whether in the secondary or in the pocket, or even both. How quarterbacks handle those stressful situations can oftentimes tell the story of their career.

With Mayfield, however, I found that there was another aspect to his playing style that needed to be discussed: His willingness to invite chaos. There were times at Oklahoma where he passed up easy throws or routes to try and create, to try and make something happen. Inviting that chaos as he did so.

That has continued into the NFL.

It can lead to mistakes, and even just some missed opportunities for his offense. However, I believe that as a coach you live with those moments, and even the turnovers that may result, because of what Mayfield can do when true chaos is thrust upon him:

As we head into another draft season, keep in mind the idea of chaos. Perhaps as you study another Oklahoma product who thrives in similar moments…or a West Virginia quarterback who likes to be a bit daring with the football…or a Missouri passer who trusts his arm above all else…or…

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