Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.139: RB Joshua Jacobs (Alabama)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room profiles potential 2019 NFL Draft prospect Joshua Jacobs, a runner whose game has the potential to go the distance. 

Crimson Tide running back Joshua Jacobs has potential to follow in the footsteps of Frank Gore as one of those backs that your children will be sick of watching. His game is built on excellent technique, features three-tooled versatility, and powered by a quick processor.

It’s why one can imagine your kids in 2030 complaining about a “washed” Jacobs still grinding out gains of 3-5 yards when they drafted the flashy young gun in their fantasy leagues whose still little more than a role player.

Jacobs is built like Gore, moves like Gore, and sees the field a lot like Gore. If Jacobs has a vastly superior athletic profile to Gore when the former Hurricane entered the league, look out.

It won’t matter if he doesn’t. His traits are built to last.

This week’s RSP Film Room examines several facets of Jacobs’ game that are indicative of a refined running back capable of a long and productive career. You’ll hear mention pros like Gore, Alvin Kamara, Adrian Peterson, and Marshawn Lynch while discussing Jacobs’ tape.

These aren’t direct comparisons. Running backs, like musicians, acquire several stylistic influences throughout their development. If you pay close attention and understand the traits of the position, you can see how a player blends together influences. Some players have an influence that shines prominently through their game; others have multiple backs whose game shows up in theirs.

Jacobs has multiple influences, but his build, versatility, and savvy remind me a lot of the NFL’s Old Man.

Note: Jacobs refuted a report at approximately 1:30 am EST on 1/11 that he has declared for the 2019 NFL draft, telling Twitter that he hasn’t made up his mind yet. 


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