Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.192: WR Riley Ridley (Georgia)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room highlights subtleties in 2019 NFL Draft prospect Riley Ridley’s game that the fantasy community often undervalues. 

Data and flashy plays are the chum that attract most in the fantasy football community to a prospect. When you consider that most in the fantasy community lean on the Red Zone Channel and statistics to make decisions, it’s understandable why a player technique-laden player like Georgia’s Riley Ridley doesn’t excite them.

Ridley played in a run-heavy Bulldogs offense that doesn’t lean on him to make the uber-athletic plays that scream to that fantasy community, “future NFL starter.”  (DeVante Parker’s game screamed as much to this faction of football fans while whispering to other observers about a lack of attention to detail that would at least delay Parker’s development track.)

Ridley isn’t a complete prospect by any stretch. His blocking has surprising holes for a receiver playing in a run-heavy offense. And when it comes to carrying the football, he will never be confused with his brother Calvin.

However, Ridley’s game whispers details with releases, stems, breaks, and receiving that function well on Sundays even if they don’t make fans gush on Saturday afternoons. These skills are the fundamentals of consistent production.

Here’s another one-play look at Ridley that I posted to Twitter:

If Ridley earns more targets that allow him to show off the body control he has while airborne — something Georgia hasn’t relied on often — he’ll surprise those whose eyes glaze over when they’re not watching vertical routes and glorified punt returns in the open field.


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