Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.185: RB Alexander Mattison (Boise State)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room showcases a run by NFL Draft prospect Alexander Mattison that illustrates the Boise State running back’s refinement at the position.

Alexander Mattison is eligible for the NFL Draft (but hasn’t announced his decision). The first thing I read about him was an article discussing his enhanced summer workouts so he could “prehab” — prevent injuries and remain fresh at the end of the season.

Definitely a mature approach to one’s craft. Discovering that Mattison’s maturity towards his craft has layers is another good sign. He’s never missed a game at Boise State despite requiring surgeries at the end of his freshman and sophomore seasons.

Most encouraging is that Mattison’s efforts have paid off. The Bronco got stronger as the season progressed, earning rushing outputs of 144, 145, 200, and 200 in consecutive games down the stretch against Fresno State (twice), New Mexico State, and Utah State.

One run can tell you a lot about Mattison’s capabilities when the ball is in his hands. I spent nearly eight minutes analyzing this 12-yard run against Troy and identified at least 10 important techniques, concepts, and athletic skills that are common to top professionals at the position.

We’ll find out soon about Mattison’s impending decision about going pro. What’s already apparent to me is that many of his skills already possess the refinement we expect on Sundays.

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