Pre-Order Matt Waldman’s 2019 RSP Today!

The pre-order period of Matt Waldman’s 2019 Rookie Scouting Portfolio — available for download April 1 — is now underway. 

“@MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio is unique and important. A must-read every year.”

– Doug Farrar, USA Today and Author of The Genius od Desperation: The schematic Innovations that Made the Modern NFL

You’ve Been Waiting For This Day? Pre-Order Here…

For those of you who are ready to pre-order your 2019 RSP, click this link and it will take you to the sales page where you can buy your login and password for the April 1 and May downloads of the 2019 RSP Draft Package. For additional details about what’s new, read below.

Here’s a running list of the 130-plus players already studied for 2019.

What You Get with the RSP Draft Package 

There are a number of great additions to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio pre-draft and post-draft publications. There’s also a newsletter for subscribers that provides ranking updates three times a year.

What you get for the single price of $21.95:

  • The 2019 RSP Pre-Draft publication — available for download April 1:
    • Detailed player profiles of at least 150 skill position prospects for this class that go much deeper than jargon and scout-speak.
    • Position-specific rankings and cheat sheets that include position-within-position sub-roles.
      • Quarterback
      • Running Backs
      • Satellite Backs
      • Wide Receivers
      • Slot Receivers
      • Big Receivers
      • Tight Ends
      • Move Tight Ends
    • Rankings that includes tier-groupings.
    • Overrated, underrated, and developmental projects.
    • Chapters dedicated to each position and recent draft history.
    • Grading sheets for each position.
    • Glossary of defined criteria used to grade the players.
  • The 2019 RSP Post-Draft publication — available one week after the 2019 NFL Draft
    • Depth chart analysis and commentary.
    • Team fit, including contract-related outlooks.
    • Trade market analysis for fantasy leagues
    • Rankings for fantasy rookie drafts.
      • Overall
      • Position
      • Tier groupings
    • Draft selection data for dynasty leagues.
      • Early ADP data.
      • RSP ADP-to-Value Sweet-Spot Scores that help you maximize your draft value.
    • Updated Combined Rankings for the 2017-2019 classes.
      • Overall
      • By Position
    • Overrated/Underrated players.
    • UDFAs to watch.
  • The RSP Newsletter — emailed to you monthly from June through December
    • New: Updated combined rankings (2017-2019 classes) three times a year.
    • New: Insights into my evaluation process as I work on the 2020 class.
    • Analysis of camp news involving rookies and emerging options.
    • Analysis of preseason action.
    • Exclusive insights into college prospects
    • Updated thoughts on player values short-term and long-term.

The RSP is a favorite among students of the game is its transparency of process. If you had the time or inclination, you can literally use it as a starting point to scout players on your own. I’ve had football writers and Division I FBS college employees credit the RSP as a seminal resource for their career growth.

Additional Details

  • The RSP publications are in .PDF format. Download Adobe Reader at no charge.
  • Both publications contain bookmarks, making it easy to navigate.
  • When you go to the purchase page, you’ll be asked to provide an email and create a password to purchase and later download the RSP publications. The email will also be used for the newsletter.
  • Past publications are $9.95 each.

10 percent of each sale since 2012 has been going to Darkness to Light — an organization devoted to training individuals and communities on how to prevent and properly address sexual abuse. This will continue in 2019 with a cap of $5,000 so the RSP can continue dedicating resources to sustaining and growing its operations.

After all, I’d prefer to be around for the next 20-25 years and donate at a consistently high level.

Those who pre-ordered between December 7) through December 28, received the 2019RSP Draft Package for $19.95.

For those pre-ordering after the early-bird discount period or when the pre-draft publication drops on April 1, you’ll receive the package at the normal price of $21.95.

Click this link to pre-order the 2019 RSP now. You’ll be taken to the sales page to buy your login/password for the 2019 publication.

Take A Video Tour of Each Publication at the End of This Post

Fantasy Players Love It

Fantasy players love the Post-Draft edition and I’m told every year that it’s worth the cost of what you pay for the entire RSP Draft Package.

But it’s the Pre-Draft publication that dynasty owners find useful for years. It’s not just about identifying the Odell Beckhams, Travis Kelces, and Todd Gurley’s of the NFL.

Ask those who have benefited from a reference guide with a shelf-life of 3-5 years that gave them a leg up on the underrated values of Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, Cooper Kupp, Patrick Mahomes, Nick Chubb, and Le’Veon Bell.

It also has been a source of steady encouragement to stick with players like Jared Goff, and remain aware and patient with the potential of options like Austin Hooper, Spencer Ware, Peyton Barber, Bilal Powell, and Justin Jackson.

New to the RSP?

From December 29 through March 31,  you can still reserve your login and get one of the most comprehensive analyses of skill position players available for $21.95.

Even at $21.95, it’s like the Seahawks picking Russell Wilson in the third round – a steal.

Click this link to pre-order the 2018 RSP now.

Simple? Hopefully. If you need help, contact me at I can typically respond within 24 hours of your email.

What the football, media, draftnik, and fantasy communities think of the RSP…

“Matt’s work is outstanding. There are very few in media whose opinion has any value at all and Matt stands head and shoulders above nearly every person covering the draft.”

– Russ Lande, Montreal Alouettes Director of College Scouting and former NFL Scout

“Couldn’t offer this piece of work a higher endorsement. One of my favorite parts of the offseason.”

-Matt Harmon, Yahoo! Fantasy analyst and author of Reception Perception

“@MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio is unique and important. A must-read every year.”

– Doug Farrar, USA Today and Author of The Genius od Desperation: The schematic Innovations that Made the Modern NFL

@MattWaldman love your breakdowns. Super great info and intelligent explanation of the evaluation process.”

Will Hewletthigh school, college, and professional quarterback coach

“If you love the NFL Draft and fantasy football, this is a must-have. I still look at the 2016 version.”

– Charles McDonald, SB Nation

Best pre-draft scouting report on every conceivable guy [at the skills positions] is by @MattWaldman. Very good read —

Chris Brown, author of Smart

“As a true fan of the RSP, I buy it full price but this is always the best football purchase made every year.”

-Betz (@alltwentytwo on Twitter)

“It’s that time of year. Worth every penny.”

– John Owning, Cowboys analyst at the Dallas Morning News

“Seriously, one of the best tools dynasty players have at their disposal. This is more than worth the price with this much effort Matt puts in!”

Sam Lane, Fantasy writer for F3 Pod, IDP Guys, and FF Statistics and Data Analyst for Sports Saber

“This isn’t something you want, this is something you need. Matt does incredible work.”

– Jeff LJ Loyd, Host of the Locked on Browns Podcast

“This is immeasurably the most in-depth and intellectually based content on rookies you will find. I think it is greatly underpriced already and the additional content Matt will be providing this year with his monthly newsletter makes this the best value in the industry!!”

Shaun Crandall (@WhiskyDog on Twitter)

“Buy this while it’s still criminally underpriced y’all. Worth at least $50.00”

-Ken Romero

“My fourth-year subscription, no hesitation. Is it April yet??? Can I get my copy now?!”

-Cheatham Hill (@Ch3athamHill_FC on Twitter)

“You won’t find a better resource. Matt Waldman delivers. Period. Cannot recommend more highly.”

-Bob Harris, Football Diehards editor, FSTA Hall of Famer, and Sirius XM Football Diehards co-host

“This far and away the best analysis of skill position players in the NFL Draft, every year. A bargain at twice the price.”

-Dan Lavoie,

“If you want to learn more and grow your understanding of the game, check this out. Matt is #undefeated in his analysis.”

-@BigCatCountry, Jaguars analysis website.

“Easily the biggest yearly no-brainer purchase in fantasy sports.”

-Joe Holka, Fantasy Labs and 4for4 Football and creator of Rushing Expectation

“@Matt Waldman is one of my favorite draft analysts. You can, and should get his skill player draft guide . . .”

                 -Matt Miller, Bleacher Report.

“Best $20 you’ll ever spend if you like football and/or fantasy football. Invaluable insight/detail from @MattWaldman even if you already do your own film study/research.”

-@FFA_Meng via Twitter, Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer for Dynasty Trade Calculator

“You should also know, that in fifteen years of playing fantasy football (I started in 1999 – Senior year of high school), I have never paid for fantasy football information. Not magazines. Not websites. Nothing. I read/listen to everything possible as I digest information and draw my own conclusions. I was apprehensive about ‘wasting’ twenty dollars. Thank you for the hours spent doing something you love. I appreciate it. Again, quality in-depth work. I would pay double the price. Easily. Get some sleep.”

– Josh Corbett

Purchased the RSP by @mattwaldman for the first time. Lots of “holy ___’s” were said in an empty house. Incredible work.

Zack Henkle via Twitter

Video Tours of the RSP Publications

Pre-Draft (Available for download April 1)

Post-Draft (Available one week after the NFL Draft)

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