Mark Schofield’s RSP NFL Lens: Mental Mahomes

RSP writer Mark Schofield examines three Patrick Mahomes touchdowns and showcases the mental game of the young Chiefs quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes is off to the kind of start that few in the football would have envisioned — at least, those outside of the Kansas City Chiefs’ organization. While the raw talent and the arm strength have lived up to the hype, what has been perhaps even more impressive is how quickly Mahomes’ mental makeup has made an impact on opposing defenses.

From his ability to manipulate defenders with his eyes, to his understanding of coverages, through his ability to make anticipation throws, Mahomes has shined in the cerebral aspects of the quarterback position. These three touchdown passes are prime examples:


To be fair, Andy Reid deserves some credit as well for the creative play designs and usage of personnel that make these plays possible. But at some point, an offense needs the right trigger-man to unlock the true potential of all the talent at an offense’s disposal. The Chiefs have found that man in Mahomes.

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