Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.179 TE Irv Smith, Jr. (Alabama): Effort

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room showcases a high-effort play from 2019 NFL Draft prospect, TE Irv Smith, Jr. (Alabama) and explains why his work is notable.

Irv Smith, Jr. is an excellent receiver prospect at the tight end position. He’s a fast, fluid player at the catch point who can get open in the vertical game. The son of a former NFL starter at the same position, Smith will be one of the most heralded players of his NFL Draft class.

History is filled with prospects who screw this up because they’re talented but lack the desire to fulfill that talent. Teams investigate and interview prospects with the hope of discerning who will be professionals immediately, who has the potential to mature into a top professional, and who is a significant risk of disappointing because they don’t understand the NFL is a demanding job that requires a lot of work outside office hours.

Interviews and workouts are helpful methods of determining work ethic. So is the tape. In fact, the tape often reveals actions that speak louder than prepared answers or “best behavior/best effort” workouts. When a player shows his willingness to do selfless work or give all-out effort when the scenario seems impossible, that’s a good sign.

Smith displays this effort on tape.

He also relishes the dirty work of blocking and has developed his skills as a puncher, which is uncommon at this level — even for the tight end position.

Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I have no issues about Smith caring about the game, his team, and his craft. Combine this behavior with his skill, and Irv Smith, Jr. is an excellent prospect.

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