Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast No.34: Matt And Will Hewlett’s Top-5 NFL Quarterbacks

Upon listener demand, Matt Waldman shares his top-five NFL quarterbacks on the RSP Cast and kicks it up a notch by inviting quarterback coach Will Hewlett to do the same. 

For the next month, I’ll produce RSP Cast shows where I share my top five NFL players at each offensive skill position (quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end). Beginning with the quarterback position, I thought it would be fun to have Will Hewlett (@WillHewlett) join me.

Will is a frequent guest of the show. Currently living in San Antonio, Will is a former Stanford quarterback who has coached quarterbacks at every level of the game. We spent an hour sharing our top-five NFL quarterbacks in the game today based on our observations of the players and what matters to us about the position — a stat might have been mentioned once and wins was broached in a cursory way.

I also asked Will to have 1-3 quarterbacks outside his top five that deserve credit in conversations like these.

Midway through the program, Will proposed that we eliminate Tom Brady from the conversation because there’s no need to recognize his excellence yet again. Eagerly agreeing, we created the scenario that he’s already retired for the sake of this exercise.

Of the nine quarterbacks that we discussed — excluding Brady — we shared three players in our respective top-five lists. Also, we each had a player in our top five not mentioned at all on the other’s top five or deserves credit list.

Some of the names will surprise you but if you watch for the things we discuss for each player, you’ll eventually begin to recognize why they’re in the conversation.

Later this week, Yahoo! Matt Harmon (it feels good to put that word and his name together…) joins me for a similar conversation on wide receivers.

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