Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.31: QB Development Coach Rich Bartel

Former NFL quarterback and quarterback development coach Rich Bartel returns to Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast to discuss quarterback evaluation and development.

When you have an opportunity to speak with someone who works with quarterbacks at a variety of levels and played the position at a professional level, you take every chance you can to pick his brain. Rich Bartel is a developer at the position; I’m an evaluator. We come to the position from different experiences — vastly so.

He clearly knows far more about the position than I but I bring 15 years of process-building experience specific to football and another 25 years of organizational management in the areas of recruiting, training, operations, and quality. It made for a fun conversation about the position around these five questions:

  1. Is there a hierarchy in a college or NFL quarterback room and what makes a good QB room?
  2. Where did you (and typically, most QBs you work with) make the most gains in performance?
  3. Is the NFL too reliant on tangible assets despite celebrating, if not worshipping the intangible? And how can this be remedied?
  4. How do quarterbacks improve their skills with X’s and O’s?
  5. Who are some quarterbacks in the college game who have caught your eye for any reason?

Rich, as always, offers intelligent analysis steeped in experience and his continued study. He also unknowingly restated Ryan Riddle’s points from “The Hidden Advantage of Being a HIgh NFL Draft Pick,”  which is a perspective on the NFL Draft that I’ve found the most accurate view of the draft and the resulting biases that occur in training camp and future development.

Whether all this will be new to you or you enjoy hearing points that validate or disagree with ideas expressed by others in this sphere, this is an excellent podcast on one of the toughest position in sports.

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