RSP Boiler Room No.174 RB Zack Moss (Utah): Fine Points of Power Running And Film-Data Insights on RBs

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines a strong example of power football from NFL Draft prospect Zack Moss of Utah and it sparks additional thoughts on using data and film to identify running back archetypes. 

Zack Moss is an NFL-caliber running back talent. Whether he’s a lead back, a committee back, or a reserve is something that I haven’t determined. If you have, congratulations, I’m still at the beginning of my process with Moss.

Even so, Moss exhibits compelling skills worth sharing in the context of his prospects as well as the scope and craft of running back evaluation. In the play below, Moss’s linemen set up a crease with two pairs of blockers double-teaming defenders inside.

Moss presses one crease, to keep the middle linebacker inside before bouncing to the next crease over. He gets downhill quickly and then displays the attack and finish of a skilled professional, which is the first part of this Boiler Room’s focus.

As this video illustrates, power running isn’t just about strength and balance, it’s about trained movements to reshape the defender’s body as well as preventing him from reshaping your own. In addition to the lesson about earning yards through contact, this video serves as a conversation starter about how to use workout data and film work in tandem.

I’ll have more on Moss this year. In addition to what you see above, he’s a promising pass protector — one of the best I’ve seen this year at his position — but he has a flaw that could slow his development track if not corrected this year.

Overall, he’s a prospect well worth monitoring this draft season, if he decides to declare.

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