Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Moments RB Nick Chubb (Browns): Then And Now

Matt Waldman’s RSP shares some examples of Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb’s college work at UGA that translated well to the NFL that countered inaccurate media narratives.

There has been a lot of noise about Nick Chubb that never fit the true signal of his game. It has ranged from being a plodder to lacking smart footwork and vision to lacking a quality third-down game. None of those things are true.

Neither was the idea that he wasn’t the same last year after an injury that occurred two years prior. For you NFL Combine jockey’s out there, take a deeper look at Chubb’s data and compare it to Saquon Barkley.

It’s not that far away.

The reason it seems odd for many to think one could place Chubb’s game in the same tier as Barkley is that bias of narratives heard over and over and the difficulty of viewing tape without the biases these narratives create.

Chubb just exceeded the 100-yard mark on 2 of his 3 touches against Oakland on Sunday.

Both runs were displays of power, footwork, after-contact balance, and acceleration after contact that was good enough over a long distance to outrun the angles of safeties and cornerbacks.

A short strider, Chubb’s speed and burst can be deceptive to many. The Combine data doesn’t lie and if you can block out the voices that infiltrate your opinions before looking at the film, you can see the excellent burst, footwork, vision, power, and speed in his Georgia tape.

Here are examples of Chubb’s work at UGA that fit a lot of what you see above.

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