Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No.134: QB Will Grier (West Virginia) with Mark Schofield

Mark Schofield joins Matt Waldman in the RSP Film Room for an extended look at West Virginia quarterback and 2019 NFL Draft prospect, Will Grier. 

Once a month, Mark Schofield and I meet up for a film session on a quarterback prospect from the current draft class. We each arrive with links to 6-8 notable clips on the player we’ve agreed to watch. We don’t know what those clips are until we’re doing the show.

This is notable because when we planned for this show on Will Grier, we discovered that we both like him more than the early consensus. We also had a similar admiration for his aggressive decision-making and concern about his ball security in the pocket.

Mark showed a clip where Grier’s security was truly lacking. I showed a clip revealing where he had made a small incremental improvement based on seeing the same thing as Mark. Again, this wasn’t planned, it was simply two evaluators who know what we’d want to see and working well together.

Grier displays a lot of skills that Mark and I value from an NFL quarterback prospect:

  • Comfort under pressure.
  • Reading the position of defenders in coverage as the basis for executing aggressive and makeable throws.
  • An accurate vertical game.
  • Coming off dangerous first reads and making seamless transitions to secondary reads and check-downs.
  • Creating passing lanes in rhythm and with technically-sound throwing base.
  • Evidence of full-field reads that defy the system label of spread quarterbacks.

This 45-minute film room covers 16 plays that define a lot of Grier’s game — a game that should gain more admirers as we approach the 2019 NFL Draft Season.

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