David Igono’s RSP Scouting Lens QB Manny Wilkins (Arizona State): Back-Foot Throws in Context

RSP writer David Igono uses film from Arizona State quarterback Manny Wilkins to illustrate why throws made from the back foot aren’t always the bane of effective quarterbacking.

A common criticism of quarterbacks is throwing off the “back foot”. Quarterbacks who throw off their back foot somewhat regularly tend to have above average to exceptional arm talent. As with many things in life, it’s just not that simple. Context drives decision making. The reality is that sometimes the best option due to the time afforded is throw off your back foot.

Manny Wilkins of Arizona State throws off his back foot in the next two exposures with different results. The first attempt is a timing throw that is dependent on his receiver establishing leverage on the defensive back so that Wilkins can accurately place the ball. Wilkins pumps a few times trying to measure the pass accurately. Although the end result is positive, Wilkins may be better served to employ some sort of chop or bounce to engage his lower half in order to step into the throw.

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The second exposure is more speculative. In an attempt to time up the throw, he desires Wilkins resorts to a half chop/half stride that undermines the placement of this target. He essentially sacrifices balance and efficiency for the certainty of an intended target.

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On the field, there’s a vibrant relationship between mechanics and the environment. The positional skills developed in practice situations or on air don’t always present themselves in a clean, textbook manner. The prospects that experience long-term development are able to blend the techniques fundamental to their competency on the field with a context-driven conflict resolution mindset.

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