Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens QB Drew Brees (Saints): Double-Jeopardy Throws

Photo by eschipul.

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens showcases Saints quarterback Drew Brees making the type of throw that places the opposing defender in double jeopardy. 

By NFL standards of accuracy, Drew Brees is a sniper. Although we associate pinpoint accuracy with completion percentage there are less conventional ways to use the skill that don’t include a catch.

A sniper might not be asked to shoot the primary target because it’s too difficult to access from his position. The plan might be for him to hit a target that triggers a series of events that places his team in a position to achieve its primary mission that he or she alone cannot achieve.

Ok, so I know nothing about snipers beyond whatever shred of truth is in movies but you get the idea. The point is that as a sniper might work in this debatable situation above, a quarterback with pinpoint accuracy can redirect his skills to create win-win situations that place an opponent in a double-jeopardy situation of incurring a penalty or giving up the catch.

In the play below, Brees must know that the odds of his slot receiver making this catch isn’t great but if he places it in a position that forces the defender to play the target in a manner that increases the risk of a defensive foul, it’s worth throwing. The quality of the throw may not be perfect for a catch because unless David Blaine has NFL quarterback talent and learns how to throw a ball through an opponent, Bree’s pass is the required throw for a positive play.

The fact that we see this often in the NFL with top quarterbacks is an indication of their talent level and the confidence that offensive coaches have in this accuracy to create routes that ask this behavior from their quarterback. It’s one of several differences between the college and pro game.

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