Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.173 RB Wesley Fields (Georgia Southern): East-West to North-South

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room showcases a telling downhill cut by Georgia Southern RB Wesley Fields that is an indicator of NFL-caliber footwork

Two weeks, ago, I showcased a cutback by New York Jets running back Bilal Powell.  It’s the type of run illustrative of a running back’s agility, mobility, and technical refinement. Learning how to study runs like Powell’s is helpful in assessing runners who don’t perform in pro-style offenses.

Georgia Southern running back Wesley Fields plays in an option-based ground attack — the same attack that featured alumni and NFL options Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon. Scouting runners in these offenses require attention to details that translate to the NFL regardless of how little the college scheme fits the pro template.

This run below looks a lot like the Powell run linked above. The difference is that Fields shows more efficient footwork than Powell on this type of run.

This is only one facet of Fields’ skills that apply to his position. However, it’s a notable skill that indicates he at least has the requisite footwork to build upon. Regardless of his statistical production or college scheme, it makes him a prospect worth additional study.

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