RSP Boiler Room No. 168 RB Devin Singletary (FAU): Motor

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the effort of FAU RB Devin Singletary, a 2019 NFL Draft prospect.

When your football nickname is ‘Motor,’ you better bring that effort in all phases of the game or else it will become an enduring joke. From what I’ve seen thus far, Singletary lives up to that moniker — with and without the ball.

Here’s Singletary leading the way with a cut-block on a linebacker on a run to the left edge. These plays require a good seal from the lead blocker. Singletary displays the approach, footwork, vision, placement, and followthrough that makes this type of difficult cut-block an effective crease opener.

Cutting defenders is a difficult craft for runners. Anecdotally speaking, I’ve noticed a decent correlation between college running backs who can execute effective cut-blocks and earning a long-term roster spot as a professional.

I have a lot more to study of Singletary’s game but from first glance, his frame, style, and athletic ability remind me of former Georgia Southern star and Chicago Bear runner, Adrian Peterson.  Yes, there was another Peterson in the league. For FAU fans who want a flashy starter comparison, that’s not a glowing endorsement but Peterson was a solid reserve runner for eight seasons with the Bears, including a 2007 campaign with 945 yards from scrimmage.

Again, there’s a lot more to see with Singletary’s game but if the preliminary viewings reveal a “floor” comparable to an eight-year NFL veteran, that’s not bad.

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