Matt Waldman’s RSP Tweet of the Week: Brian Baldinger’s Look at Nick Chubb

Matt Waldman’s Tweet of the Week is Brian Baldinger’s NFL Films look at Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb’s immense talent. 

Finally…finally, someone on a bigger stage sees what I’ve been saying for years…YEARS…about Chubb. I appreciate that Baldinger also drops a Saquon Barkley reference to Chubb’s agility. So many people miss just how agile Chubb is because he’s so economical, patient, and wise as a runner.

A former offensive lineman, Baldinger totally grasps Chubb’s talent.

Backs like Chubb can underwhelm a lot of analysts because they like flashy options like Kenyan Drake, who is on his way to becoming a refined back but still lacks control of his stride length, and stance width as well as how to gauge space in more difficult situations that separate refined runners from great athletes with less polished skill.

Drake’s legs often work outside his shoulder width. It looks impressive to the neophyte because we’re attracted to the high-effort moments where the player is pushing the boundaries of physics. Sometimes all athletes have to push these limits but the most refined players find answers to these situations without resorting to these means.

This is what makes Chubb and a back like Royce Freeman better than they look and a runner like Drake exciting but still learning how to create simpler answers.

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