Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room WR Keke Coutee (Texans): Manipulating Zones

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio showcases Texans WR Keke Coutee manipulating a linebacker playing zone coverage in the middle of the field. 

When a player misses much of training camp due to an injury but impressed the team enough prior to August that he makes the active roster, he’s the option you don’t want to forget about. Justin Jackson, Dylan Cantrell, and Keke Coutee are three examples that fit this scenario. Coutee is the one with the promise to make the most immediate impact.

In addition to an excellent vertical game and explosiveness as a ball carrier, Coutee has a strong command of route running against zone defenders. Fans often think routes are easier against zone coverage. They don’t understand that routes against zone often requires advanced skills at reading defenses as well as the ability to influence defenders while several yards away.

Coutee displays these skills against the South Florida defense below.

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Coutee’s pace and shape of his stem compel the linebacker to open his hips and shoulders, which gives Coutee all the space he needs to break underneath in the opposite direction of the defender’s turn. Because he’s so quick, it’s all Coutee needs to earn the first step on the linebacker and gain addition yardage in the open field.

When Coutee is healthy enough to practice and play, don’t be surprised produces early in his career. His skills in the middle of the field are the reasons why.

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